What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

US. We are from the East coast so we fly through Atlanta or Miami and catch a connection from there. The total day is about 12 hours. The difficulty is that flights leave out of Quito either around 6am or midnight but the flights are short (4-5 hours) so you lose sleep and need the day you arrive to recover. It's such a pain. - Jul 2019

U.S. About four hours to Miami, 5 to Atlanta. There are also flights to Houston. - Jul 2018

It's about five hours direct to the U.S, which is nice. American flies to Miami or Dallas, United to Houston, Delta to Atlanta, and Jet Blue to Ft Lauderdale. - Mar 2017

USA - 5 hours from Miami and then connect to other cities so time varies. - Sep 2016

Washington DC. There are three direct flights to the U.S. currently: via Miami on American Airlines, Houston on United, and Atlanta on Delta. Some additional routes should open in the near future. - Aug 2015

New Jersey; the trip is about 3.5 hours to Miami and 2 more from there to NJ. - Aug 2014

Pretty much anywhere to Miami, then 3.5 hours to Quito. - Jul 2012

North Carolina, trip was about 8 hours, with a connection through Atlanta. - Jan 2011

Miami-Quito is about 5 hours. - May 2010

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