Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yes it's generally fast and connected. Via the Embassy, you can get it installed the day you arrive. - Jul 2019

Yes. A few days. - Jul 2018

Yes, the employee association can help set it up. There are a bunch of options but most people seem to pay around $100 for something that will work with Netflix and VOIP. - Mar 2017

Yes but what they say they provide and what you get are two different things. Your internet can be set up in a week but expect outages and skipping if you use it to stream TV. - Sep 2016

Yes, but it's not as fast as the company advertises. I watch mlb.TV and there is some drag. Packages are fairly priced. - Aug 2014

There are a few options. I think I paid about $75/month. It wasn't terribly fast, but was sufficient. - Jul 2012

Our cable plan includes internet. - Jan 2011

Internet is available at speeds slower than in the U.S. and is not as reliable. Even with a UPS to keep our Vonage lines and home office equipment going, the internet sometimes cuts out for an hour with an electrical outage. But in general, we have good service. - May 2010

Internet is about $50/month. - Oct 2009

Internet is available, with broadband services (cable or DSL) running around US$50-$100 per month, depending on speed. Good quality, if not giving you the same bang for the buck you can get in other countries. - Jan 2009

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