Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Same-sex marriage is now legal in Ecuador as of 2019 and while there is still bigotry (eg., push back from Catholics and conservatives of which there are a lot) I think there are worse places to be LGTBQ. - Jul 2019

I think it is decent. There doesn't seem to be rampant discrimination. There is a Pride parade, but I'm afraid I don't know too much about this. - Jul 2018

Although being gay is not accepted in this strictly macho and Catholic society, there are communities of gays. There is several groups even in the high schools. However, I still think it would be difficult. - Sep 2016

Being in Latin America, most people frown on homosexuality. That said, Ecuador has taken a number of steps to be more inclusive, such as allowing the registration of civil unions, which includes gay couples, since 2013. - Aug 2015

Horrible. Still a very closeted place, with very few bars or clubs focused on the gay community. Perfectly safe for gays, as long as you don't display affection in public. - Jul 2012

Unknown. Generally Ecuadorians are homophobic. Although the laws do protect homosexuals. - Jan 2011

No clue. - Oct 2009

Selected areas have gay-friendly establishments. Gays are tolerated, but Quito has a conservative culture, so strong biases exist. - Jan 2009

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