Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

YES! This is an awesome family tour. - Jul 2019

Yes! We extended because our son is very happy here. - Jul 2018

Yes. It isn't perfect, but it's a decent place to spend a few years. - Mar 2017

Maybe not. - Sep 2016

Absolutely. Quito was one of our favorite overseas posts. - Aug 2015

Yes. - Aug 2015

Absolutely, I'd come back if I ever get the chance! - Aug 2014

Politically it's getting a bit hairy, but I'd definitely go back. Much to complain about, but much to enjoy. I found it very easy to live there. It's a beautiful country, but you have to be sure to get out of Quito. - Jul 2012

I would, my husband wouldn't. - Jan 2011

Yes. It's been a great place for us. - May 2010

Sure would, we've enjoyed it here. Lots to see and do! - Oct 2009

Once, yes. Twice, no. A standard State Department tour is three years here, which is a bit long. - Jan 2009

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