What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

The Embassy has a small gym for a very low annual fee. There are gyms, crossfit, yoga studios, personal trainers, etc. I don't really know how much those facilities tend to cost but it's much less expensive than in the US. Personal trainers, massage therapists, etc are very affordable and high quality. - Jul 2019

The embassy has a gym, volleyball courts and a soccer field. Some embassy staff run at parks on the weekend. Running races are plentiful here (but don't expect to match you times at sea level). Climbing wall gyms for kids and adults. Hiking is everywhere! For kids there are all lots of parks with good playground equipment, athletics through the school, swimming, soccer, gymnastics classes, etc. - Jul 2018

The embassy has an OK gym and people run boot camps every once in awhile. - Mar 2017

There are plenty and all varieties but not sure of the cost. With so many amazingly beautiful volcanoes to hike I am not sure why anyone would use the gyms. - Sep 2016

Gyms are everywhere, with prices ranging from $25 to $200 a month. Most decent gyms will cost about $80 a month, pretty pricey. - Aug 2015

Yes, at the Embassy and out on town. Relatively cheap... But walking up a flight of stairs is more than enough to stay in shape in the first month. - Aug 2014

They're are a few, but they're expensive. - Jul 2012

Yes, but they are expensive. I go to a pool at the public high school near me, but even that is $5 a visit. There's a Curves, which is about $35 a month (if you pay for a year in advance, I think). Then there is a nicer American-style gym for $50 a month (they struck a deal with several Americans). - Jan 2011

There are gyms of various sizes and quality in different locations. The embassy also has a work-out area, tennis courts and soccer field. - May 2010

Several gyms in the major hotels, there are also private gyms, and Curves for Women. - Oct 2009

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