What accommodations do schools make for special-needs kids?

Academia Cotopaxi will work to meet your child's needs and considers inclusivity an important school value. - Jul 2019

Not sure, but I do think the schools try. - Jul 2018

AAI offers accommodations and help but parents pay for special education services on top of tuition. AC is new to offering accommodations. - Sep 2016

Academia Cotopaxi has not done well previously with special-needs children, but it has had a major shift with the new director. They hired several specialists last year and are accepting children with up to moderate disabilities. Alliance has traditionally been known as the school for special needs children, and they pride themselves on their programs. The British School has also accommodated children with mild cases of autism and dyslexia. We could not find an English-speaking speech therapist in Quito. - Aug 2015

Colegio Americano has a special needs coordinator. If you want your child to get individual attention, you need to lobby for it. There are some efforts to get the teachers sensitive to the issues, and teachers meet once a week to discuss students, but it isn't as organized as what I saw in the States. If you want the teachers to take a special interest in your child there, you will need to contact them and tell them exactly what you want. - Jan 2011

Both Cotopaxi and Alliance Academy have special-needs departments. I have heard some negative reports about Cotopaxi's handling of special needs, and there is a history of bullying that has been poorly addressed. Alliance Academy has an excellent record with children with learning disabilities and mental and physical handicaps, and works closely with the parents to optimize these kids' educational experiences. I don't think either school has prioritized the education of highly gifted children. If you need English-language PT, OT or speech services, you'll be hard pressed to find it at this post. - May 2010

Academia Cotopaxi has a learning center and a teacher to assist students with mild learning difficulties. They can work with kids with IEPs. - Oct 2009

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