Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

I think the biggest recurring problem here is water damage. The houses do not withstand the rainy season. Some folks thus have to deal with concomitant mold or with GSO frequently making repairs at their house. - Jul 2019

Not too many mosquitoes in Quito due to the altitude. Typical bugs but not infestations. - Jul 2018

Apartments seem to be in the clear. Since houses tend to be older they seem to have more problems with giant spiders, scorpions, mice, ants, etc. If you can seal up the house, that helps some. - Mar 2017

No. - Sep 2016

Quito's high elevation eliminates most pests. - Aug 2015

Eh... Not many, due to the altitude. Some spiders and Mosquitos. Locusts show up now and then, too. - Aug 2014

None. I was amazed. - Jul 2012

None in Quito. The usual mosquitoes at lower altitudes. I was eaten alive in Mindo and in the Amazonian basin - deet is a must. - Jan 2011

An occasional spider or silverfish, but generally no bugs. If you go into the valley (Quito suburbs) or further down in altitude, the mosquitoes can be ferocious. - May 2010

Houses sometimes have the occasional tarantula, scorpion, or rat. - Oct 2009

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