But don't forget your:

Sunscreen, bug repellant, hats, jeans, hiking clothes & gear, umbrellas, raincoats. I'd expect to bring most of your clothes too as good clothes can be expensive here. In general, if something being of high quality is important to you, then you should bring it because high quality and/or imported items are prohibitively expensive here...and annoying because you know its cost is so much less in the US. - Jul 2019

Bring everything you want from home in HHE or ship from Amazon! Sunscreen, bug spray. Toys, toys are expensive here; bring some for your own child and for birthday parties. - Jul 2018

Umbrella for rainy season. Spare car parts. Juicer! - Mar 2017

Patience, Spanish. - Sep 2016

Sense of adventure, your camera, surf board, hiking boots, bike, and SUNSCREEN. Sun is super strong in Quito. - Aug 2014

camping/outdoor gear, vases for all the flowers, bike for the "Ciclovia" every Sunday. - Jul 2012

Street smarts. And electronics. - Jan 2011

Sunscreen, sunhats, sunglasses -- the UV Index here regularly hovers between 16-24 (11+ is dangerous). Just a bit of time unprotected can lead to blistering sunburns. - May 2010

Comfy, flannel pjs. - Oct 2009

Sunscreen - light-skinned people outside for more than 15 minutes on a sunny day will get burned, the sun really does pack more of a punch on the equator. - Jan 2009

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