What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

People socialize here like they do anywhere...BBQs and picnics at the park, restaurants and bars, tennis, soccer, hiking, volleyball etc. With a good sized group of people without kids and a good sized group of people with kids, there are lots of opportunities. - Jul 2019

Sports clubs, get-togethers, dinners, bars, etc. - Jul 2018

Quito has a healthy backpacker scene in La Mariscal, I think that's the closest thing to a real nightlife that you'll find here. It isn't a party town, but there's enough to get you by if you're into that. Head down to Montañita on the weekends if you want more. - Mar 2017

There are clubs, salsa dancing, restaurants, home parties. People party well into the night. - Sep 2016

Go to concerts (all kinds of music), dancing, restaurants--you name it. - Aug 2015

Hiking, biking, bars and restaurants, sports, soccer games, you name it! Check out La Ronda and the historic center, and there are modern movie theaters and malls throughout the city. - Aug 2014

Ecuadorians are very family-oriented and don't seem terribly eager to welcome in foreigners. But I had a great time with my expat friends...good bars, restaurants, in-home entertaining, day-trips. - Jul 2012

We go to a lot of restaurants and bars, especially in Mariscal. - Jan 2011

Opportunities abound to entertain in-house or go out to restaurants, picnic and hike at Parque Metropolitano (shelter houses are for rent), or attend concerts or cultural events. - May 2010

You're pretty much on your own here, as the expat community is not very tight. That said, there are house parties, barbecues, etc. on a fairly regular basis, so go out and make friends. Going out to restaurants/bars is easy, although it's necessary to keep in mind parking and security issues. Movie theaters are modern and show first-run films, often in both subtitled and dubbed versions. The arts scene is limited, don't expect lots of world-class plays and ballets. - Jan 2009

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