Morale among expats:

Most people seemed to like living in Ecuador. - Jul 2012

Medium. Some people don't like the crime. I enjoy the country so much. I don't love Quito, but Ecuador is amazing. And the Ecuadorians that I have met are really nice. - Jan 2011

I think it is excellent for those who are willing to venture out of their comfort zones. This is a developing-world country with its attendant challenges. But my experience has been that there are many groups to join and activities to pursue that make this post a comfortable place to be. - May 2010

Variable. Quito itself has a number of both positive and negative aspects, so people can choose to emphasize one or the other. It's tougher for singles overall, due to the limited and snooty dating pool. The quality of management at work varies, which can affect people's outlook on life. The government is also becoming more hostile to Americans, making life more difficult by doing things like delaying shipments in customs, although it hasn't reached Cuban proportions yet. - Jan 2009

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