English-language newspapers and TV available? Cost?

I had TVCable until they got their pirated CBS/NBC feeds yanked, then switched to DirecTV. - Jul 2012

Yes. The Miami Herald is available some places. You can program your cable not to dub in Spanish. We have a basic package that costs about $50 a month including cable. - Jan 2011

Cable TV is available with local channels, NBC, CBS, BBC, CNN, Home & Garden, NatGeo, History, and many more. Some sports events are blacked out on TVCable. - May 2010

Cable TV is about $45/month, several channels in English, but you'll need SAP on your TV. - Oct 2009

No English-language newspapers. Choice between cable and DirecTV, both of which come with English-language channels. Cost dependent on packages selected, roughly comparable to U.S. prices. - Jan 2009

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