What English-language religious services are available locally?

I am not the person to ask but there is one Christian church that I think is in English. - Jul 2019

There are English language services available at a non-denomination church, a few evangelical ones. Catholic services tend to be in Spanish. - Jul 2018

Not many. There is one English speaking church (English Fellowship Church) that caters to the missionary groups that come through regularly. There is La Vina, a church with an English service. I understand there is another more ecumenical church with English-language services, but I have never been. Knowing Spanish will give you a much greater selection. - Sep 2016

There are a few protestant groups, one Episcopalian church, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints which have English-speaking services. - Aug 2015

All of them... But why not try a Spanish mass sometime? - Aug 2014

Yes, there are two I know of. One is a more fundamentalist church. The other is interdenominational, I guess more Lutheran in its liturgy? But welcoming of many faiths. - Jan 2011

English Fellowship Church is a Protestant congregation with 2 weekly services, and men's women's, children's and teens groups. There are other English-language services but I'm not familiar with the details. - May 2010

It's tough to find Catholic services in English. Others I understand are available, although again there's not a big demand. A number of evangelical Protestant churches are present in the city. - Jan 2009

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