How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

You need at least a basic level of Spanish. You'll get better quickly because of how much you are required to use Spanish. Local classes and tutors are very affordable. The Embassy offers free online training resources and most Embassy sections will allocate some of their budget to cover the cost for officers and spouses to see the Embassy's tutor weekly. - Jul 2019

Life is much easier with a basic level of Spanish. People tend not to speak English. Classes are available at the embassy and lots of Spanish schools here. - Jul 2018

You need at least a little, but most people are kind enough to entertain imperfect Spanish. Classes and tutors are widely available. - Mar 2017

A LOT! There are tutors and classes. I paid $15/hour - Sep 2016

While many people speak English, you need to know Spanish. - Aug 2015

You need to speak Spanish... Learn it, but try here no matter how much you speak. They will help you, they just like that you try... - Aug 2014

Spanish is a must. Even some in the business community and government don't have an adequate grasp of English. - Jul 2012

A lot. It's tough to get by without Spanish. - Jan 2011

It's extremely helpful to have some Spanish knowledge, at least the basics to get around, operate in the market, ask and give directions, etc. Of course, more Spanish will enhance your experience greatly. Individual tutors are available at affordable rates, and there are numerous Spanish-language schools including an excellent program at the Catholic university. - May 2010

You really need Spanish to live here - you could probably get by with limited knowledge, but to really experience Quito, you need to speak the language. - Oct 2009

Very few people speak English, so Spanish is essential. - Jan 2009

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