Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

People use Claro or Movistar, local carriers, on unlocked smart phones. Whatsapp is the preferred method of communication. - Jul 2019

USDH get a work phone. - Jul 2018

You have two main options: Claro or Movistar. Each has slightly different prices and coverages. We paid about $20 a month for a plan that included 500 MB of data. - Aug 2015

Don't talk and walk at the same time! Guard them if they're important to you... - Aug 2014

Widely used. Much more common than fixed-line phones. - Jul 2012

Within Quito most people use Movistar, and it's good if you pay as you go and don't get a plan. They often have specials to recharge your minutes. Porta has better service in the more rural parts of the country and apparently has better monthly plans. If you want to use a blackberry or Iphone here, bring yours from home. It's about two to three times as expensive to buy one here, and you can get it easily unlocked for about $20 to use with one of the Ecuadorian carriers. A very basic phone costs about $60. - Jan 2011

The embassy's AERA association has a monthly cell plan; you pay for only the airtime you use. I recommend an unlocked GSM phone that allows you to switch SIM cards between Ecuador and the U.S. - May 2010

Moviestar and Porta are the two cell phone companies - they have plans to purchase, or you can buy cards with minutes to recharge your phone. These are sold on just about every street corner. - Oct 2009

Three cell phone companies (Porta, Movistar, Allegro) serve the country, the first two being the biggest providers. You can get service very easily, can even buy a kit in a supermarket for around US$40. - Jan 2009

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