Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Many people take Uber and taxis regularly - they are very affordable. I think RSO would say to use with caution but I haven't heard of anything happening to someone in our community. RSO recommends against busses. - Jul 2019

Taxi, yes. There is an app for taxis and many people use Uber. Local buses are not recommended although many backpackers use them. - Jul 2018

I think buses are not allowed, but taxis are plentiful and generally safe. In Quito they are required to use meters and the minimum fare is $1.50. - Mar 2017

Quite affordable but crowded. I have heard of many young expat girls being harassed on longer bus routes. Use EZ-taxi for taxis and you shouldn't have any problems. Privately hired car services are VERY expensive. - Sep 2016

Taxis are plentiful, but make sure to use the ones with orange plates. The others are not fully registered. It goes without saying that hopping into a unmarked car is a bad idea. You can also take safe taxis from the major hotels. - Aug 2015

Taxis should be called, buses are pretty wild on the roads so we avoid them. No trains in the city, but there are train tours on many routes between Quito and Guayaquil. Avoid waiving taxis down, and learn about express kidnapping prior to arrival. Pick pocketing is common on crowded buses. - Aug 2014

Taxis are dirt cheap. I never had a problem, but I tried to call radio-dispatched cabs whenever possible. - Jul 2012

They are safe enough, again, with precautions. The city bus is usually $.25, to other towns you'll pay between $1-2 for places within 2 hours. A ten-minute taxi ride costs about $2. - Jan 2011

Taxis are generally safe in the city; we just make sure the taxi has a legitimate sticker and meter before getting in. For added security at night or when going to the airport, cab companies are available for call. Taxis are very affordable, and thus can offset the need for a second car. - May 2010

Taxis are usually safe and cheap. Working meters are uncommon, so you should negotiate the price before you take off. - Oct 2009

Taxis are very affordable (around US$5 to cross the city) and usually safe, although best to take one from a hotel or taxi stand to be sure. Taxis are metered during the day but have a set price (more expensive) at night. Be sure to ask the price beforehand. Buses and trolleys tend to be packed and embassy employees are told not to use them, although the threat is mostly from pickpocketing rather than anything violent. - Jan 2009

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