Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes. Sidewalks are narrow and uneven, streets are as well. Many places are not ADA accessible. Regional sightseeing would be even more difficult. - Jul 2019

Most likely, sidewalks are not great. - Jul 2018

YES. The hills are steep and the sidewalks are atrocious. - Sep 2016

Ecuador prides itself on helping those with disabilities. For example, businesses have requirements to employ certain numbers of disabled individuals. That said, the infrastructure does not meet the needs of that reality. Sidewalks are narrow, and often have stairs. A fair number of buildings have wheelchair ramps, but they are certainly not universal. - Aug 2015

There are a lot of hills, and 9500 ft. above sea level is no joke. But aside from those issues, modern planning takes handicaps into account. - Aug 2014

It's not designed for or been adapated much for people with disabilities. - Jul 2012

A lot. The sidewalks are difficult to maneuver with potholes, there aren't always ramps for the handicapped, and the public transportation isn't very sensitive to their needs either. - Jan 2011

Some don't adjust well to the altitude and live with low-level fatigue or shortness of breath, but most people can adjust after a couple of days. The city has many steep streets, so walking could be a challenge. There's a habit of planting trees in the middle of the sidewalks, making passage by a wheelchair impossible. Some apartment buildings only have stairs, and no elevators. I don't think it's impossible for someone with physical challenges, just more difficult or limiting than in the U.S. or Europe. - May 2010

Lack of sidewalks or sidewalks in dire need of repair would impair anyone in a wheelchair from getting around without a vehicle. Taxis are small and I don't know if a wheelchair would fit in the trunk. Most parking lots have reserved parking for handicapped and pregnant women. They do respect this. - Oct 2009

The usual third-world challenges exist, as outside of upscale hotels and some tourist locations there are no special provisions made. - Jan 2009

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