Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

The prejudices we face in the US are reflected here. - Jul 2019

Not more than you would expect in a Latin America country. I personally have not experienced any. - Jul 2018

Gender equality?? Hahaha! Coastal minority groups tend to be looked down upon. - Sep 2016

Not really; typical Latin feuds between the government and Native/Indigenous groups - Aug 2014

Society tends to look down on darker-complected people, especially their indigenous population, but most expats didn't experience many problems. - Jul 2012

Gender - it's a macho country. Women are often whistled or hissed at. American women are sometimes frustrated with relationships with Ecuadorian men because they tend not to be as faithful. The main religion is Catholic. I think Ecuadorians are not discriminatory on purpose, as much as they are unaware of other religious beliefs and think they are strange. In terms of race, there is some prejudice against Asians. I don't know so much what the experience is for blacks. - Jan 2011

I have not noticed any of these - - Oct 2009

Prejudices exist against those of African descent, typical for Latin America. Religions other than the majority Catholicism are welcomed, although not necessarily understood. - Jan 2009

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