Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

It's great for everyone. - Jul 2019

It is great for all, especially families since there is a tight community here, we live close to each other, the school is good, safe neighborhood, activities for the kids to do. And there are lots of kids at post. The embassy has a spring egg hunt, Halloween at the embassy and in the neighborhood, Santa and fireman at Christmas. It's good for couples and we do have a good number of single people as well. Great post for people who love to get out in nature and hike, camp, etc. - Jul 2018

Mainly for families. It seems like almost everyone has little kids at this post. OK for couples and singles but possibly a bit boring unless you love the outdoors. - Mar 2017

I wouldn't want to be a single woman here. The attitude towards women is not good. Couples do well if they love to be outside and active. Families do well if kids are younger. Teens can be challenging if you don't want your kids drinking every weekend and going to parties where parents provide the bar. - Sep 2016

Yes, all of the above. - Aug 2015

All of the above. - Aug 2015

This is a great city for all groups. We are a couple with no kids, and we love it. Families enjoy themselves as well, and singles have abundant nightlife and bar options to meet people. - Aug 2014

Definitely a good city for families. The experience of singles seemed to depend on the quality of other was difficult to make meaningful relationships with Ecuadorians. They spend a lot of time with their extended families and didn't seem open to making friends with expats. They were friendly, just kept a distance. - Jul 2012

Singles, not bad. At least at our school there are a lot of single teachers and they head down to Mariscal a lot where there are bars and clubs. For couples it's okay as well. There are things to do, though not as many cultural things as in a medium-city in the States. It's harder to find those things, and sometimes I can't figure out how to get tickets for things I want to do. Families might struggle, because it's mostly apartment living and the drivers here are terrible, so you really have to watch your children on the street. There are some parks, but I haven't noticed a ton of playgrounds. - Jan 2011

For families, yes. Ecuadorians are very family oriented. There are lots of birthday parties, family dinners, etc. In addition, there is an ice rink, bowling alley, swimming pools (with lessons), parks with playgrounds, sports leagues. Traffic, especially at rush hour, can make getting to and from these places a hassle so it definitely makes sense to live on the side of Quito where the majority of your activities are. - May 2010

Great for everyone.... - Oct 2009

Quito is primarily a family-oriented post, reflecting the city's culture. Couples can also do well, as there are plenty of in-country getaways and Quito offers a good (if not great) selection of cultural and gastronomic attractions. Singles have a more difficult time of it, since they are heavily outnumbered and the night life isn't the high point of the city. - Jan 2009

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