Santiago - Post Report Question and Answers

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Chile in general and Santiago in particular is a nice place that has its challenges for those who are less adept to going outside of their comfort zone to find themselves at home. This is true for all places that have a low cosmopolitan index. - Jun 2019

If you like the outdoors, then Chile is a must. If you're looking for a cosmopolitan experience, then Chile may not be what you're looking for. Traveling outside of Santiago will make your first impressions of the country fade away, as you will begin to see the country in a different perspective. - Jul 2010

Chile is a great place to live. It can be isolating since society here is very exclusive. However, the standard of living is pretty high and the geography is amazing. - Jul 2009

Chile is an island, more so than any other natural island. Surrounded by the world's driest, highest altitude desert to the north (the Atacama), the Andes to the east, Antarctica to the south, and the vast Pacific to the west, Chile has been closed off to the world for most of its history, and you will be quick to notice the mentality when you arrive here. They are wary of foreigners - their social circles include their relatives and some longtime childhood friends. Unlike other Latin American countries, Chileans will not be eager to befriend you, perhaps because they are protective of their mutated, in-bred society. - Apr 2009

We love living and working in Santiago. But more than the city, we enjoy living with and learning from the people here. - Sep 2008

It's easy to get frustrated with the people here. They seem very self focused, easily angered and distant, also very impatient, especially when it comes to traffic. It's also sometimes difficult to not expect things to be just like America as life here is very modern and similar. Just focus on your attitude and you can have a great time. - Jul 2008

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