Santiago - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Unsure. I can imagine there are challenges given the fairly conservative government and culture. - Dec 2020

It seems to be more moderate here as there are gay/lesbian clubs, drag shows and even a rally for gay marriage and other rights. The people generally don't seem to outwardly express violent or derogatory attitudes towards gays/lesbians. - Feb 2016

Chile (the citizens that is) is in a process of slowly beginning to recognize the rights of LGBTQ individuals. Chilean government is already outwardly supportive and has anti-discrimination campaigns etc. On a micro level, LGBTQ individuals will undoubtedly experience moments of prejudice and discrimination but can pretty much live their lives without any dramatic changes to behavior. - Nov 2014

There are noises about how young people in Chile are supportive of gay marriage, but there is not much public evidence of a vibrant gay community, and it's a super conservative country. - Oct 2014

It could be difficult, primarily if you have adopted children. - Sep 2011

Chileans are quite conservative with their moral views, so it's not as widespread as in other parts of South America. - Jul 2010

I'm not sure. Chileans are fairly conservative so it could be difficult. - Jul 2009

I would guess that it would be confusing for gay men - given the way that even straight Chilean men carry themselves. In general, society is extremely traditional in Chile - while there are gay clubs, you will unlikely see outward signs of homosexuality even in cosmopolitan Santiago.(Except for the El Golf neighborhood of Las Condes, where there seem to be an abundance of transvestite prostitutes lurking on the street corners at night.) - Apr 2009

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