Santiago - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Absolutely. The domestic travel and local hikes/nature make this a stellar post. - Dec 2020

I would probably just to visit for a couple of months. You cannot get a good understanding of Santiago/Chile on a short trip because the distances are long. Santiago being permanent place to call home is a bit too much. - Jun 2019

I would come to visit. - Feb 2016

Yeah probably. - Nov 2014

Probably. - Oct 2014

Probably. - Sep 2011

I probably would still go, but I would make sure that I lived close to my place of work to save money on gas and other expenses. - Jul 2010

Absolutely, I wish I had a lot more time here so I could do more exploring - Jul 2009

Depends on what my other options were. What's not to like in Chile? It's a beautiful country. Very safe, orderly, with courteous, respectful people. However, the country as a whole lacks charm and passion, and is in fact, quite dull. - Apr 2009

Yes and we still are here. - Sep 2008

Yes, I think so. But I think that one term here is enough. - Jul 2008

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