Santiago - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

We have had ants in the house. They are tiny and do not bite. The embassy assisted in spraying to get rid of them. We have seen large tarantulas nearby but not at home. There are also apparently scorpions but we haven't seen any. - Dec 2020

None that I can recall. Santiago is, in general, a warm city, which I found surprising. Anything that is triggered by warmer weather may pop up, but this is not a tropical landscape, so worry not. - Jun 2019

During the summer sometimes there will be ants looking for water. Once outside the city, there are mosquitos. Otherwise there aren't many pests. Moths show up at a specific time of the summer, just keep doors and windows closed. Other little insects will creep in if you leave the doors open for hours and there's a light to attract them during the summer as well. - Feb 2016

None. - Nov 2014

None. - Oct 2014

Moths and some flies. There is one poisonous spider. - Sep 2011

None. - Jul 2010

At least during the winter, it's fine. I've only seen a couple of very small bugs during my time here. - Jul 2009

None. - Apr 2009

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