Can you save money?

You can save money as long as you don't eat out often and don't travel. Travel has been surprisingly expensive in country. - Feb 2016

Not really. Prices are pretty high in the areas where Embassy personnel live. Comparable to Washington D.C. prices. - Nov 2014

Absolutely not. - Oct 2014

It depends on where you live and what your lifestyle is. You could save money, but if you want to live comfortably, you will probably not. - Sep 2011

Absolutely not. - Jul 2010

It depends on your lifestyle. It's not much cheaper here than in the U.S. - Jul 2009

Probaby not. - Apr 2009

Yes, especially when you buy Dominican brands of food. - Sep 2008

If you can save money in the USA, you can probably save money here. Things seem to be more expensive here than in the USA. Hotels and travel are also expensive, but if you're willing to stay in backpacker type places you can save a little. - Jul 2008

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