Santiago - Post Report Question and Answers

But don't forget your:

Patience. As I mentioned above the local bureaucracy can be frustrating at times. It is easier to navigate here than in India or Tajikistan, but there are tons of odd procedures and rules for many basic tasks, and the rules are adhered to rigidly. Except when they aren't... - Dec 2020

Sense of humor, beginner Spanish, acceptance of Chilean wine, hiking poles, and sunscreen. - Jun 2019

Sense of humor and patience. - Feb 2016

Winter clothes, spanish-language skills, VPN. - Nov 2014

Bicycle, caping gear, hiking boots, bathing suit - Oct 2014

Skis and sunscreen. UV is very strong in Chile. - Sep 2011

Patience and sense of adventure. - Jul 2010

car (great road trip opportunities!!), winter coat, and books (the books here are super expensive) - Jul 2009

Sunblock. The sun is strong here, and the newspapers publish a daily sun index as a warning. Despite the dangers of the hole in the ozone layer, I am always amazed at the supertan Chilean women. They tan better than Argentinian leather. - Apr 2009

Good shoes for walking, most other things you can purchase here or order via mail. - Sep 2008

Sunscreen. There's a big hole in the ozone here and you'll burn faster than you've ever burned before. Even for a few minutes out in the sun, I have to wear sunscreen or I go around with a constant rednose. - Jul 2008

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