Santiago - Post Report Question and Answers

If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Not much... it doesn't rain a lot, but it does rain in the winter. You won't need snow gear in Santiago but if you ski that is an option. We brought pretty much everything we own and we have used most of it. - Dec 2020

Heavy winter jacket, unless you hike in the mountain ranges. 110 volt appliances (all of them). Idea that Chile graduated to become part of the first world simply because of life under authoritarian rule. Idea that the wounds of the the thorny political past have healed entirely. Idea that market-based-everything-you-can-think-of has worked wonders here (there is lots of poverty and a weak safety net). Thoughts that distance is irrelevant: not only will you be very far away (if US or Europe based), but going back home will feel like an eternity; in-country travel will take forever. Notion that customer service will be in high gear. Fear of mayonnaise: Chileans have a no-shame approach to life with mayo. I think I saw a mayo float at a restaurant the other day. Fear of avocados. Here it is considered a fruit, not a veggie, so it goes on toast or marraqueta (french bread basked differently), and everything else. - Jun 2019

Leave behind any expectations. No matter what anyone has told you ... leave behind any thought or idea of things being systematic, functioning in an orderly fashion or working in a manner that makes sense to you. The police will not respond in 5 minutes more like an hour depending on the issue. Remember this is a developing country that looks modern. Have games and movies for your children as you will spend anywhere from 2 - 8 weeks without internet or tv until you receive your RUT. Leave any thought of good wait service behind, you have to ask for the bill and it may be 15 minutes before you get it after asking for it. Leave behind the belief of good drivers because people can legally buy their drivers license here. Leave behind any thought that you wouldn't have to deal with issues from a developing country. - Feb 2016

Expectation of salsa dancing, spicy Latin food, sense of personal space, and good Chilean service. Chile is europe in Latin America. - Nov 2014

Expectations of getting close to Chileans. - Oct 2014

Winter coat (unless you go skiing or go to Patagonia). - Sep 2011

Expectations that Chile is like other Latin American cultures -- it's definitely not. - Jul 2010

Skimpy clothes, expensive jewelry, and expectations of good Asian food - Jul 2009

Teetotaling ways. The wine is great. - Apr 2009

Winter Coats and thick sweaters (unless you plan a trip high up in the Mountains)-even up there a hoodie or sweatshirt will do just fine. - Sep 2008

We've been happy for everything we brought as things are very expensive here. - Jul 2008

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