Santiago - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Medical care is good. We haven't used much, but when I had strep last year the time from entering the urgent care facility to leaving with a prescription was short and mostly straightforward. Pharmacies also work well. Both involve a bit of bureaucracy. - Dec 2020

The weather pattern is odd: mostly warm and very polluted during the winter. Tap water is highly mineralized (as in you'll need to scrape your glass with a knife after it dries). All faucets end up dissolving. - Jun 2019

Medical care is spot around the country; if you're in Santiago or a large city like Valparaiso you can expect the same standard of care you'd get in the U.S. Outside large cities it is touch and go what type of service you will get. - Feb 2016

Not really. Apparently giving birth at Clinica Alemana is a great experience. - Nov 2014

Chile probably has some of the best medical care in South America, even in some of the public hospitals that appear dilapidated. But the clinics that really cater to foreigners are Las Condes and Clinica Alemana. They're very expensive, but definitely state of the art. - Oct 2014

Excellent medical care. There are several private clinics where many of the doctors have trained in the US. - Sep 2011

Excellent medical care available, but not cheap. - Jul 2010

The pollution can be an issue. - Jul 2009

Good medical care. - Apr 2009

Health Care: Quality is Improving. A new hospital just opened up here called HOMS. Many of the best doctors and specialists in the Carribean practice medicine there. I have also been highly impressed with the dental care as well-they were using the latest technology from the USA. That said, if you needed some type of major major surgery or treatment for some type of rare disease, returning to the states or a medivac to Miami would be your best bet. Health Concerns: The biggest concern here right now is Dengue Fever from mosquitos. Some of our friends and their family members have contracted Dengue. All of them were able to get excellent treatment here at HOMS medical center and have since recovered. Suggestion-to limit the chance of getting Dengue you should install screens on your windows even if you live on the 4th story of an apartment. It is not 100% foolproof, but will help keep most of the mosquitos out of your home. The Water: as mentioned earlier- do not drink the tap water due to prevalence of parasites. I would also avoid purchasing food from street venders from whom you could get food poisoning from outdated or poorly handled food - Sep 2008

The pollution can be very bad during the winter. But the rest of the year it isn't too bad. I've had a really hard time health wise dealing with the pollution, but my husband hasn't been effected too much. Medical care seems to be as good as the USA. - Jul 2008

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