What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Dress casual to formal, keeping in mind the temperature. A winter day can start out at two degrees Celsius and climb up to 21 degrees by noon. Dressing here is a challenge. A/C is not as ubiquitous as in the US. - Jun 2019

In most companies the dress code is business casual to casual for everyone. You will at times see men in suits but they are in a particular industry. - Feb 2016

Pretty conservative but Chileans many times wear jeans to work. - Nov 2014

Chileans favor black, conservative attire. - Oct 2014

Generally quite formal and conservative. - Sep 2011

Conservative dress: suit and tie for men, dress or skirt for women. - Jul 2010

Professional, suits at work. Chileans dress very conservatively, black, grey, and red are the most common colors. Skirts are almost nonexistent. I feel like my skirt suits immediately identity me as a foreigner. - Jul 2009

Conservative - all black, grey, or navy blue, especially in the winter. Classic styles. - Apr 2009

Dominicans have a higher level of dress expectations than generally found in the United States and Canada. Sensitivity on the part of expats is essential so as not to offend Dominicans. Where I work I am expected to dress in a manner appropriate to the Dominican culture both on and off of school grounds. As a man, I do not go out dressed in shorts in public-men who wear shorts in public are viewed as - Sep 2008

Professional. - Jul 2008

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