Morale among expats:

Quite good, although it can be very difficult of make Chilean friends or to find a job. - Sep 2011

It varies. Many have a difficult time adjusting to the isolation of Chile and the affects it has on the culture. Others make the best of it and enjoy local relationships within the community where they live. - Jul 2010

OK, I guess. There is no sense of community, so it depends more on your group of friends. I think most people arrive in Chile with higher expectations, which settles into disappointment. Most are more than happy when their tours are completed. - Apr 2009

Most expats we know enjoy it here. Life is not not without its inconviences here, but those expats who have developed a support circle consisting of a good balance between expats and Dominicans thrive here. - Sep 2008

Pretty good. - Jul 2008

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