What English-language religious services are available locally?

There are some but I don't know anything about them. - Feb 2016

We've heard there are some. - Nov 2014

There is an English speaking church. - Oct 2014

A few. - Jul 2010

We know of 2 English-language churches:1. Santiago Christian Fellowship which meets on the campus of Santiago Christian School. It is non-denominational.2. The Hub: kind of more like a fellowship than church. Very informal and relaxed-mostly singles attend there. Non-denominational. However, our family recommends to regular churchgoers who want to stay here for the long term to try attending a Dominican Spanish language service to establish relationships w/ the people and learn the language. - Sep 2008

I think there are a couple non-demoninational English speaking churches. We attend a Spanish speaking church. - Jul 2008

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