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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

We have a cleaning service help with cleaning the huge house once every few weeks. It costs around $50 USD a pop. Otherwise we don't employ anyone. Many do. The rules are complex and it isn't super cheap. - Dec 2020

None that I can share since I do my own cleaning/laundry. I have heard of help being available but the service is lackluster. - Jun 2019

There's lots of bad domestic help of available. I've tried several people who were recommended and it didn't work out. Not many employers tells or shows them how to do things or what to do. And when you do tell them, they will still do whatever they want. The cost is (20,000-25,000) not very expensive and I would like to say if you paid more that it would change things, but I don't think that it would. - Feb 2016

Available and affordable. - Nov 2014

Readily available, hard-working, and affordable, but there are strict labor laws about the contracts, sick leave, maternity leave. Research before you hire, or ask for help from the English Speaking Moms in Santiago facebook group. - Oct 2014

Domestic help is available and typically costs approximately CAD$30 for 1 day. It is pretty easy to bring a nanny with you from another country. - Sep 2011

Widely available at US$30+ dollars a day. - Jul 2010

Peruvian domestics (nanas, as they say in Chile) are the best. - Apr 2009

About US$90 a month for our help-she comes 2 days a week. - Sep 2008

More expensive than Asia, but still somewhat cheap. - Jul 2008

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