Santiago - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

I am not sure. The situation here is way better than in India or Tajikistan, but, that said, I don't think U.S. standards can be relied on, especially outside of fancier/newer buildings and neighborhoods. - Dec 2020

I would think so. - Jun 2019

With the exception of a few places, I've seen someone with a disability would have a medium difficult time as some places only have stairs, no ramp or elevator. Buses aren't always the most modern to accommodate someone in a wheelchair or someone with a leg or arm issue to make the distance from the group to the step easier to navigate. There are some hills and steep areas that someone walking or driving might not notice, but a person on crutches or manually moving a wheelchair would notice right away. - Feb 2016

Probably some but compared with other posts this is likely a more manageable city. The metro stations almost all have elevators, there are bathrooms for individuals with disabilities in major buildings, most apartment buildings have ramps for individuals who use wheel chairs, etc. - Nov 2014

Yes they might, although there are lots of accommodations, such as ramps to building entrances. - Oct 2014

Easier than many Latin American cities, but would still pose some challenges. - Sep 2011

It would be complicated -- Santiago is not user-friendly for the handicapped person. - Jul 2010

It would be impossible to use public transportation here if you're disabled. - Jul 2009

Unfortunately, most facilities in Santiago are not designed for people with physical disabilities - Sep 2008

Some difficulties, but many places have ramps or elevators available for those in wheelchairs. - Jul 2008

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