Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

Are preschools available? Day care? Are these expensive? What has been your experience with them, if any? Do the schools provide before- and/or after-school care?

Yes. Not terrible, but not cheap. A little under $10K per child. - Feb 2023

Again, no direct experience. Some people use nannies, and I know that some pre-school age children attend a school/daycare that requires uniforms in Mexico. - Jun 2019

Yes to all, at prices less than in D.C. The commute time for El Paso schools effectively serves as before and after care! - Feb 2019

Many options for preschool and day care on both sides of the border. It's cheaper than in DC. Schools do provide before and after school care. - Jan 2019

There are many preschool and daycare options available. Mexican public schooling begins at age three, so all of the local children are in school. Some private schools begin at age two with a "maternal" level. All of the private schools offer "estancia" where your child can stay longer after the school day; some offer after-school arts, sports, music, tutoring, etc. rather than just a regular day care. Preschool is VERY inexpensive compared to Virginia, like under $150 a month. You can also hire a full-time nanny for $20-$30 a day. - Jun 2016

I am not familiar with schools. But nannies are easy to find. We had a fantastic English-speaking nanny for our 1 year old who charged about US$6/hour. - Apr 2016

My kids are older and I'm not sure of details but I believe there are many options and I think cost is quite reasonable by U.S. standards. - Dec 2015

Yes, Montessori school options - but many people opt for nannies for young children and many nanny's and children have regular play dates. - Aug 2015

No daycare that I know of, but domestic help is affordable. - Aug 2013

Household help is available and affordable. - Jun 2013

There is a wonderful Montessori preschool in Juarez that has been very popular. Parents give it rave reviews. - Sep 2012

Yes. Most choose options here in Juarez. - Feb 2012

I believe that there are but I don’t know much about them. - Jul 2011

Most babies are with stay-at-home parents who hire nannies to help. - Jun 2011

Again, both sides of the border are used. - Mar 2009

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