Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your housing like? What are typical housing sizes, locations, and commute times for expatriates?

In my opinion, housing is terrible and the worst I have seen in my career. However, I understand there are few complaints because most are new officers and don't know what a typical post housing is like. - Feb 2023

Housing is typical American suburbs. Most of the houses are very nice, though amenities vary from house to house. They are located close to work, many people are able to walk to work. - Mar 2022

USG housing is comprised of single-family homes with backyards and attached garages, and a balcony or two. Most are three bedrooms with two and a half baths, although there are a few bigger houses in the pool for the larger families. The backyards vary in size and layout: some have rocks, some are patios, some have grass, and some are a mixture. Almost all are within walking/biking distance to the Consulate, and the complexes that are farther are only a 10-20 minute drive. - Jun 2019

Housing is small: three bedroom houses, no matter what your family size. Larger places are very rare. - Feb 2019

Housing is generally all three bedroom houses. There are some four bedroom houses, but getting one of these is not dependent on family size so much as availability when you arrive. Most people walk or bike to work with the commute being five to ten minutes. - Jan 2019

I don't know of anyone in an apartment. Everyone is in houses. Some neighborhoods are walking distance from the consulate. The farthest are about a ten-minute drive. Some yards are very small or are completely rocks or cement, but all of the neighborhoods have shared green spaces with playgrounds. - Jun 2016

3 bedroom houses with little yards. Most walk-able to consulate. Some a 15-20-minute drive. - Apr 2016

Large free-standing houses, almost all very close to consulate (a lovely 5-10 minute walk). A few were not as close but I don't think the commute was more than 15 min for anyone. - Apr 2016

All homes (that I'm aware of) are in gated, guarded neighborhoods and are single-family homes, some detached, some in rows. I believe all have garages. Many of the Consulate homes are within easy walking or biking distance of the Consulate. Some are in neighborhoods immediately beside the Consulate. We are in a more "distant" neighborhood about 1.5 miles from the Consulate. Depending on traffic the drive can be less than 10 minutes but even at peak traffic I don't think it's ever more than 15. Housing tends to be spacious and very nice - certainly our home is larger and in a nicer neighborhood than anything we ever had in the U.S. As far as I know all homes are tiled. Our bathrooms and kitchen are completely covered in tile - all the way to the ceiling. I like how easy that makes it to clean, given how much sand and dust gets in the house, but it is chilly in colder weather. The homes also tend to have concrete walls. Most homes are in neighborhoods that feature a central park/playground area. It's nice for us that our kids can ride bikes and play at the neighborhood park and experience a degree of freedom. - Dec 2015

Amazing, new, big, great communities with parks, yards, etc. Commute is 5 minute walk up to 15 minute drive - depending on location of community. - Aug 2015

The houses that I visited while at the Consulate were all awesome-large, American-style appliances, garages, seriously the nicest and largest house I've ever been in. Everyone has backyards but the size, style and "niceness" depends on the housing; some people have smaller, "prison style" backyards, while others have ginormous grass filled backyards. There is some housing that is close to the U.S. border, so close that some people can pick up full AT&T, but it's my understanding that a number of those houses are being pulled out of the housing pool. - Jun 2015

Excellent housing in small compounds, most within walking distance. - Jun 2014

Very nice, spacious homes, all in gated communities for the most part. - Aug 2013

Housing is great and close to the Consulate - commute times are very minor. - Aug 2013

Housing is very nice: 3-4 bedroom houses with lots of security features in gated communities. Most people live within several minutes' drive of the consulate; some even can walk or bike easily. - Jun 2013

The housing is great. Everyone gets at least a 3-bedroom, 2-bath house. The houses aren't enormous, but they are spacious and perfect for a single or a couple. Families get larger single-family houses, usually in communities with playgrounds and space to run and play. Much of the housing is within walking distance. No one is more than a 15-minute drive. Good housing is definitely a highlight of this post. - Sep 2012

The housing is good. I like the short walking commute. - Feb 2012

Housing for consulate members here is all single family homes in gated communities. The houses are pretty large and most are relatively new construction. All are within a 10-15 minute drive of the consulate. - Jul 2011

Houses are great, they are quite large and well maintained. All have small back yards, some with grass. Houses are all in gated communities and are generally right near the Consulate compound. Almost all neighborhoods have multiple Consulate houses, so you are almost sure to know a neighbor or two. However, some neighborhoods do have very large, loud kids parties and karaoke parties that can keep you up late. - Jun 2011

Government providing housing is mostly good. There are a few exceptions, but most houses outside of gated communities are being phased out. They will eventually have everyone within a 15-minute drive to the new Consulate. - Mar 2009

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