Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the air quality like at post (good/moderate/bad)? Are there seasonal air quality issues? Does the air quality have an impact on health?

Moderate. There's many bad smells, from wood and coal fire in the winter, to sewage smells. There is no impact on health. - Mar 2022

It is dusty, dry and at 3500 ft elevation. The air is worse in spring, and the wind can be intense sometimes. I think some people have allergies because of the dust. - Jun 2019

Pollution and dry air takes a toll on most people. - Feb 2019

Not great year round. Those aware of the air quality readings may choose to limit time outside. - Jan 2019

The air quality is mostly good. Some times of the year are very windy, and that kicks up a lot of sand/dirt into the air. The pollution is similar to that in the United States. - Jun 2016

Dry and dusty. Dust storms in the Spring. - Apr 2016

Same as El Paso. - Apr 2016

I don't notice a difference between the air quality here and in the U.S. (we lived inside Dallas, so maybe not the cleanest air to compare). - Dec 2015

allergies during warm season - Aug 2015

Very good, little pollution. Dusty seasons a few days per year when it's really dusty. - Jun 2014

Good. - Aug 2013

Contrary to what other folks have posted, the air quality is not good in my opinion. The majority of folks here have allergy issues here. It is a dusty environment, it is too be expected. Neti pots are a desert dweller's best friend! - Aug 2013

Good. - Jun 2013

Moderate. The spring winds blow dust around. - Sep 2012

Really good, except for the occasional dust storm. I am amazed at how healthy my family (including children) have been here. If we get sick (rare) it runs it's course quickly and with little impact. I think that the clean, dry air helps. - Feb 2012

Dry, dusty. No real problems from pollution, but the dust can get to you. - Jul 2011

Dusty - Jun 2011

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