Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

It's pre installed. Internet is fast and prices are comparable to the US. - Feb 2023

It is already installed when you arrive, and is very affordable. We upgraded to a medium package to stream on multiple devices at once and it is about $30/month. The connection is good, and maybe we didn’t need to upgrade. There are some teleworking spouses so I think the internet is sufficient. - Jun 2019

Yes, set-up before arrival. Speeds are slow during peak periods. - Feb 2019

It's about $15 a month and already set-up when you get here. - Jan 2019

High-speed internet is available. The combined cost of our landline and internet is a little over $30 every month. - Jun 2016

yes, reasonable - Apr 2016

Yes, reasonable and arranged by the Consulate which made it so easy upon arrival. GSO is fabulous in Juarez. - Apr 2016

Internet is connected when you arrive, which is great. I think people's experience varies, but I've been stunned by how good our service is. For about US$24/month we have a phone line and internet service good enough that sometimes my two kids and I have all been streaming different things on three different devices with no buffering. At peak times that might not happen but it's rare that we have any trouble at all. It's possible to pay more for faster internet but we haven't seen the need. - Dec 2015

yes, it is set up prior to arrival and then you can upgrade. good and reliable service - Aug 2015

It's slower than they say. I quit using my VPN cause it slowed me down to a crawl.... - Jun 2014

Yes, affordable. - Aug 2013

Yes - my spouse and I video-chat over the internet during the week when we are apart. Time Warner Is available in El Paso. - Jun 2013

Yes and cheap. My phone and internet bill is $35/month. The speed is good enough to stream movies. Some neighborhoods have slower speeds. - Sep 2012

Yes. Good. I pay $50 a month and run my computer, ROKU and Magicjack on it. - Feb 2012

Yes. Telmex has service bundles for phone and internet available ranging from $20-100/mo depending on the internet speed and phone service. - Jul 2011

About $40 per month via TelMex. - Jun 2011

Yes, between US$50 and US$100 monthly. - Mar 2009


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