Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

What kind of car do you recommend bringing to post, given the terrain, availability of parts, burglary/carjacking risks, etc.? What kind of car do you advise not to bring?

I would bring an older SUV. This is truck territory. There are plenty of speed bumps and pot holes on the streets. - Feb 2023

Lots of people say you MUST have a high clearance car, but I think that is exaggerated. The roads are full of potholes just like most of the roads in the US. It rarely rains, but when it does, it floods for a few hours. This is usually in the afternoon or evening when I just stay home anyway, and it is only about once per month, if that. Any car will do, and since we walk to work, we only really use ours for grocery runs and weekend trips. You definitely need a car though. Diplomatic plates are optional, though increasingly recommended. - Jun 2019

An old car with high clearance for the speed bumps and road flooding. - Feb 2019

Whatever car you want. Traffic can be rough, so you might want to avoid a newer car. There are lots of speed bumps, so higher clearance can be useful but not required. - Jan 2019

You can bring any kind of car. - Jun 2016

Anything. - Apr 2016

Bring something high off the ground, nothing fancy. Road conditions can be bad and having visibility is helpful. - Apr 2016

We were advised by some folks to bring a vehicle with high clearance and while there are definitely LOTS of crazy speed bumps, many of them not clearly marked, and plenty of potholes, we have been fine with our very low-to-the-ground Ford Focus. I think pretty much any car is fine. We are advised to drive with windows up and doors locked and not to buy from street-corner vendors (of which there are many), but we have not had any scary moments in the car. Theoretically I know carjacking could happen, but the only ones I've heard of so far in our time here were cartel-related and targeted. - Dec 2015

nothing specific - Aug 2015

A vehicle IS needed! Do not come to post without one! People at post had a range of cars, mini coop to minivans, from Lexus to cars that will most likely not be used on a following tour. Many people did not bother getting Diplomatic License Plates, I would say about 40% had them (maybe less). - Jun 2015

I love my Subaru Outback. The roads are hard on cars. - Jun 2014

During rainstorms flooding is bad- four wheel drive is good. - Aug 2013

There are some potholes in Juarez, and many people drive an SUV. But a sturdy sedan would be sufficient. - Jun 2013

Bring anything. You'll see a range from tiny Scions to large SUVs. There are flash floods at times, but they pass quickly. High clearance really isn't necessary. - Sep 2012

We have a compact car and it does just fine. I would recommend a car that runs well and is not flashy. - Feb 2012

Almost any make and model can be serviced either in Juarez or El Paso. You see all kinds of US cars here, so nothing would really stand out as strange, though I wouldn’t recommend anything that expensive or flashy due to the potential crime. Something with a higher clearance would be helpful because of the speed bumps that can scrape lower cars and the way the streets flood when it rains, though many FSOs and locals manage with small sedans. - Jul 2011

Higher car is needed because of some poor road conditions. - Jun 2011

Do not bring anything with too low a ground clearance because of speed bumps and occasionally immense potholes. An SUV will help in the flood season. Do not bring anything too flashy, and definitely not a black SUV with tinted windows. - Mar 2009

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