Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Of course, tacos are popular here. - Feb 2023

Mexican and American are popular options. There are some seafood and sushi places too. It is not very traditional sushi. - Mar 2022

There is tons of Mexican food, from divey taco shops to more upscale dining. Lots of pizza/pasta, and many US-chains like Buffalo Wild Wings, McDonald’s, Applebee’s, and Great American Steakhouse. People seem to complain about lack of good Asian food in the area. There are mediocre generic Asian restaurants in Juarez and a handful of good ones in El Paso for Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian and Mediterranean. UberEats recently arrived in Juarez and the service is growing. Vegan and vegetarian Americans and Mexicans seem satisfied with their options on both sides of the border, although more so in El Paso. It isn’t a food mecca like New York City, but I’m quite satisfied. - Jun 2019

Everything is here. There are many fast food and Mex or Tex-Mex options. - Feb 2019

There's everything including sushi. Food delivery is not the most reliable, but it's not hard to go get things yourself. - Jan 2019

The cost is cheaper than in the US. There are lots of DELICIOUS restaurants and fast food: McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, Carl's Jr., Subway, KFC, etc. Fast food restaurants here have HUGE play places. HUGE! - Jun 2016

All kinds of American chains. Lots of quick taco and burrito joints, very different style than typical Tex/Mex. - Apr 2016

A handful of fun, new restaurants in Juarez and El Paso. Best tacos of your LIFE on the side of the road (...yes, you can and should stop and eat at these places). I never got sick from anything and it is so unique to Juarez, your guests will love it. - Apr 2016

There is some U.S. fast food here and I find the prices ridiculously expensive for what you get, but I suppose it's not more expensive than the same food in the U.S. The thing is, you can get amazing tacos, burritos, and other Mexican specialities at a fraction of the cost of a burger and fries. The burrito is an invention the people of Juarez claim for their own and there are numerous burrito chains, many of which make their own tortillas fresh when you order, and the most expensive of these charge less than US$2 for a meat burrito, less for chile, bean, or veggies. Of course all the fast food you could possibly want is right across the border in El Paso. With kids, I have to say we do sometimes patronize Little Caesar's, which is ubiquitous here. "Hot and ready" pizzas set you back the same US$5 or so they cost in the U.S. - Dec 2015

variety of food options - mainly taco/burrito options. more variety in El Paso - Aug 2015

Fast food in ELP. Few really good restaurants in Juarez or ELP. But there is one pizza restaurant I go to here and a Vietnamese place in ELP. We have a few Starbucks here in Juarez and a Denny's next to the Consulate (I have never been). - Jun 2014

McDonald's, Burger King, etc.- good, affordable Mexican food as well- places like Cristostomo. The burrito was born in Juarez. - Aug 2013

Many popular US food chains are present in Juarez, and there are some excellent local restaurants in Juarez as well - Jun 2013

Fast food is the same restaurants as in the U.S. but a bit cheaper. Local restaurants are often very good at reasonable prices. If you love Mexican food, you will be in heaven here. - Sep 2012

Lots of restaurants to choose from on both sides. - Feb 2012

Many fast food options like Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr., Subway, Domino’s, Papa John pizza, Applebees, and Chili’s on both sides of the border. Lots of good Mexican restaurants and burrito places. Costs are similar to US costs, maybe a bit cheaper, depending on where you go. - Jul 2011

Good restaurants right near the consulate for lunches and dinners, some good restaurants in El paso. - Jun 2011

Most U.S. hamburger and pizza chains are in the city, as well as some excellent local restaurants, reasonably priced. And you can always go to El Paso. - Mar 2009

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