Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Still a very Catholic city, so I think not. - Feb 2023

Yes, better than other places I've been. - Mar 2022

Yes, I think so. Although it is a conservative Catholic country, there are locals and officers alike who are out in the Consulate. There are gay bars in Mexico and I would assume in El Paso. - Jun 2019

Post has a very active GLIFFA group. - Feb 2019

I'm not aware of any issues. - Jan 2019

That I don't really know, but there are currently a few serving here, and I believe they are enjoying the assignment. - Jun 2016

Unsure. I think locals are a bit conservative but I have never heard any major complaints from gay friends. - Apr 2016

I believe so. - Apr 2016

I have heard from numerous people here that Juarez is very open and accepting compared to other parts of Mexico. - Dec 2015

unsure - Aug 2015

There are gay clubs in Juarez and there is a community but I can't speak personally if it is a "good" city or not. The Consulate is involved in the pride parade each year in Juarez. - Jun 2015

Yes, reasonable. - Jun 2014

Just like any U.S. city, I believe. - Aug 2013

The Pride Parade was quite spectacular for a small desert town. I was really impressed. - Aug 2013

Yes. - Jun 2013

Yes. There are many same-sex couples at the Consulate. Several singles date regularly. It seems the gay officers have better luck dating than their straight colleagues. - Sep 2012

The consulate is very gay-friendly and I'm not aware of special problems outside of the consulate, though it's hard for anyone to go out much. - Jul 2011

The consulate is very gay friendly. There are gay Americans at every level and many gay FSNs. There are gay bars and events in El Paso and Juarez. The greater community does not seem to be hostile to gays. - Jun 2011

It does not seem to be any worse here for gays or lesbians than for anyone else. The Consulate has many gay employees. - Mar 2009

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