Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

No. - Feb 2023

If I had the choice, no. - Mar 2022

Yes. It wasn't my first choice, but knowing what I know now, perhaps I would have put it higher on the list. - Jun 2019

Probably. - Feb 2019

It's complicated. - Jan 2019

Definitely. - Jun 2016

Probably not. While we did have a good experience, we feel like we saw what there was to see. Overall the city has a run-down feel, and the ongoing violence darkened our perspective a bit. While we were there, the consulate had a great community with great morale. Without that, we probably would have been counting the days. - Apr 2016

Yes, I didn't "ask" for Juarez but I couldn't have picked a better first post for myself if I tried. - Apr 2016

Absolutely. - Dec 2015

Sure. We've felt very fortunate. Housing, community, young families is a huge plus! - Aug 2015

Yes. Si. Mot definitely. Without a doubt. - Jun 2015

I think I will do Mexico again for my last tour, so yes. - Jun 2014

Yes. - Aug 2013

I would not bid CJ again. The local staff, food, and housing are great, but I would have preferred a much different professional and social atmosphere. - Aug 2013

Yes. This is not a post that is going to feel terribly "foreign", and you won't get the same cultural experience you would if being immersed in, say, Peru, but it has been much safer than we thought it would be -- and excellent for our family circumstances (spousal employment opportunities being a priority). - Jun 2013

Absolutely. It's been wonderful to watch the city come alive again after years of violence and murder. - Sep 2012

Yes. The hardest part about living here for me is that there are not a lot of other families. - Feb 2012

Not any time soon, but maybe in the future if things calm down. The people at the consulate and community are wonderful, but you spend so much of your time living in fear that it’s exhausting and I'm ready to be able to go for a drive, out to eat, or to the mall without looking over my shoulder all the time. - Jul 2011

Yes, because of the great sense of community and large number of folks you will work with. It is a great way to build your professional network. - Jun 2011

No. - Mar 2009

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