Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

None. - Feb 2023

None. - Mar 2022

None, see above. You cannot ship food, spices, alcohol or certain types of pet food in your shipments. - Jun 2019

None. - Feb 2019

None. - Jan 2019

Nothing, really. - Jun 2016

dont worry you can always go to Target in El Paso - Apr 2016

Nothing, you can cross the boarder in 15 minutes. - Apr 2016

Nothing you can't get either here or in El Paso. - Dec 2015

rugs - Aug 2015

I would NOT ship any large furniture. There is plenty of furniture in the house and found the furniture provided was sufficient. One item I wish I would have shipped was my bed. The bed provided by the Consulate was nice, but on the soft side for my husband which resulted in back issues for him. - Jun 2015

I ship my dog food in and do a good bit of Amazon shopping. - Jun 2014

None- you can buy everything in El Paso, Walmart, and FSOs are able to access the Fort Bliss commissary as well. - Aug 2013

No need - you can get everything you need in El Paso - Jun 2013

Nothing. - Sep 2012

Nothing. - Feb 2012

Nothing, really. Pretty much everything is available in Juarez or El Paso. The closest Trader Joe’s is in Albuquerque, so you may want to bring some your favorite TJ products or anything that’s specific to your region. - Jul 2011

Nothing. - Jun 2011

Nothing. - Mar 2009


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