Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

We use a local private mail box paid for by the consulate as well as a PO Box. - Feb 2023

We use the PO Box and pouch. The PO Box is great, most things get here fairly quickly. We have not used the Mexican postal service. - Mar 2022

Through the Consulate. Everything gets shipped to El Paso and then driven across the border. The mail room staff is excellent, and they go to El Paso 3x/week, and more during the holidays. DHL is reliable in the area too, though I’ve never specifically used it for personal mail. - Jun 2019

Mail is driven in from El Paso. - Feb 2019

You'll feel like you're living in the US with how fast you'll get your mail. - Jan 2019

The U.S. Consulate has two addresses in El Paso that you can use to receive mail and packages. You can send mail at the consulate or drive across the border and mail it from El Paso. - Jun 2016

USPS through the consulate - Apr 2016

Personal mail to the Consulate address. Easy. - Apr 2016

Consulate has a P.O. Box and also a street address in El Paso - mail is then delivered to the Consulate. - Dec 2015

It is picked up multiple times a week in El Paso - very easy and quick. - Aug 2015

Consulate has mail service to ELP. - Jun 2014

Regular mail is good. - Aug 2013

We live separately, so we send our mail to our US home. But most people at the consulate ship their mail to the consulate address. - Jun 2013

The Consulate has a PO box in El Paso. No restrictions on size or contents. - Sep 2012

You are given a PO BOX address in El Paso. The mail is brought in M-F. - Feb 2012

The consulate has a PO box in El Paso and a warehouse address for receiving packages that can’t be shipped to a PO box. - Jul 2011

Sent through daily post office runs in El Paso. - Jun 2011

The Consulate has a P.O. Box in El Paso, and receives packages through a service in New Mexico. It is easy to cross the border, and some people have P.O. Boxes there, often at one of the stores so they can have a physical address. - Mar 2009

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