Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Soccer. - Feb 2023

It seems so, based on what I’ve overhead from coworkers. I’ve seen leagues and studios for soccer, Taekwondo, dance on both sides, and I imagine the American high schools have options. - Jun 2019

Spanish language only. Kids who commute to school don’t have time for weekday extracurriculars. Others are offered mainly on Saturday mornings or during the week. - Feb 2019

Wide range of sports and activities available for kids. - Jan 2019

There are lots of sports programs. You can do them in Juarez if you want a shorter commute and don't mind Spanish, or El Paso if you want English and don't mind the drive. My kids have done soccer and gymnastics. There are tennis lessons at the Consulate. We have friends who have done swimming, ballet, dance, and tae kwon do. Pretty much all sports are available. - Jun 2016

My kids take tennis lessons at the Consulate and my daughter does gymnastics at a local studio. The cost for those sports is about US$30/month for twice-weekly classes. Many of the schools offer sports programs - soccer and basketball are popular here (especially soccer). - Dec 2015

yes in Juarez and El Paso - Aug 2015

Yes. You may to cross to El Paso to find baseball and football, but otherwise there are youth sports all over. - Sep 2012

If you want your kids to learn tennis, this is your post! There is a instructor who comes to the Consulate. Most of the schools have sport programs to choose from. The school that we use has: soccer, gymnastics, dance, basketball, Tae Kwan Do, etc. - Feb 2012

ERA offers tennis lessons at the consulate, many kids take lessons through that program. - Jun 2011

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