Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

I'm told that the consulate has both an indoor and outdoor gym, although I have not seen it. There are private gyms in the city as well. - Feb 2023

There's gyms in the consulate, they are affordable. The gyms are pretty small. There's other gyms in the city. They seem like they're less expensive than American gyms. - Mar 2022

The Consulate has a small gym with the basics. It also hosts yoga, Zumba and Crossfit classes. There are gyms in the area that seem to be comparable prices to the US, including one that is walking distance from most of the housing. You could go to El Paso for specialty programs, but there are options in Juarez too. You can run/jog around the area near the housing, or go to Parque Central that has a nice perimeter path for walking, jogging or biking. - Jun 2019

The Consulate has many services for the community. Yoga, Zumba, Cross-Fit and a very small gym are on-compound. Gyms in CDJ can have security concerns and El Paso is far away just for a workout. Many people own personal treadmills. - Feb 2019

All sorts of gyms are available. A broader range of facilities (yoga, barre, etc) are available in El Paso. - Jan 2019

The U.S. Consulate has a gym. Your membership in the employee recreation association (ERA) includes use of the gym. There are also other gyms in Juarez in the "green zone" to which you can buy a membership. - Jun 2016

yes. small one at consulate. gyms all over town with a range of prices. - Apr 2016

Yes, the Consulate has a gym and nice tennis courts, volleyball. However, I recommend joining gym 360 (lots of consulate folks go there). It's another way to explore the city and make local friends. Good group classes, weight rooms, etc. - Apr 2016

There are gyms and I believe the costs are fairly low but I'm not sure. - Dec 2015

There is a small, but suitable gym at work. Many people enjoy tennis and take tennis lessons at work. And others belong to a local running club or belong to a nearby gym. - Aug 2015

Yes, gyms and some classes after work at the Consulate. A tennis court also. - Jun 2014

Yes, a few nice gyms in town. - Aug 2013

Yes, there is a popular country club in Juarez that has a pool, gym, and golf course. Facilities for working out on the El Paso side are abundant as well. - Jun 2013

Yes. The Consulate has a small gym. There are private gyms in Juarez and El Paso at very reasonable prices. - Sep 2012

There are, but I have heard that it can be problematic. There is an acceptable gym at the Consulate. - Feb 2012

There’s a small gym in the consulate and a couple of others nearby. - Jul 2011

The Employee Recreation Association runs a small workout gym on the consulate campus. Some folks also go to a gym in the mall across the street from the Consulate. There are also many joggers who run in their neighborhoods. The consulate also has a small but strong biking club. - Jun 2011

There are several good gyms in the city, and most government employees can use the facilities at Fort Bliss in El Paso. - Mar 2009

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