Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Possibly the city of Chihuahua, but it's a 4 hour drive south each way. - Feb 2023

In Juarez, you should check out the Samalayuca sand dunes, Parque Central, the downtown area, La Rodadora Children’s museum if you have kids. In the US, you are close to Carlsbad Caverns, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and close enough to the Grand Canyon and other natural wonders for longer weekend trips. It’s a good post for outdoor activities. - Jun 2019

Super Target in El Paso, the local parks, both national and state, Viva Mexico. However, big-city style entertainment is lacking. - Feb 2019

So many amazing National Parks on the US side are hours away. This is a great post to take up camping and hiking. - Jan 2019

There are three different water parks within fifteen minutes of the Consulate, so those are fun. The children's museum (La Rodadora) is fantastic. The El Paso Zoo has a very inexpensive yearly membership and includes a very fun playground and splash pad. We are able to get a library card through the El Paso public libraries. Fiesta Park has go-carts, a zip line, bumper cars, boat launchers, a roller skating rink, carnival games, mini golf, and other fun activities. Franklin Mountain State Park in El Paso has some great and challenging trails. You are close to White Sands, Carlsbad Caverns, and City of Rocks. - Jun 2016

Explore the restaurant scene. Very good, affordable food. If you like the outdoors and don't mind driving, there are endless camping/hiking options. Although the desert landscape can get a bit repetitive after a while. - Apr 2016

Mesilla, New Mexico (The Double Eagle - totally a hidden gem). White Sands - take visitors there and they will be blown away. The JW Marriott in Tucson, AZ - a very easy drive for a long weekend with incredible gov. rates!! Easy to fly to Austin, Mexico City, Tuluum (Cancun). - Apr 2016

Juarez is a great point from which to explore the southwestern U.S. This would be a great post for outdoors enthusiasts. There is wonderful hiking and camping in New Mexico and Texas. Big Bend is within striking distance. Santa Fe is just a 5-hour drive away. Gila National Forest and the Gila Cliff dwellings are relatively nearby. There are plenty of places to ski in NM if that's of interest. We have yet to explore Mexico much, and we are not permitted to drive anywhere from Juarez except to Chihuahua (with permission from RSO). Within Juarez, I'd say the real gem is the people. - Dec 2015

The central park is great and provides a large green space and activities very close to home. The children's museum in town is first class - really impressive. El Paso has a variety of activities on weekend - limited compared to other big cities, but still good options with the zoo, water park, etc. People enjoy traveling to all cities in Mexico - travel is relatively cheap and explore the southwest - though not many day trip options outside of hikes or bike rides. - Aug 2015

It's not that kind of post. It's like Detroit but they speak Spanish and it's sunny. It's very suburban. Easy. - Jun 2014

Visit Chihuahua City, go to El Paso. - Aug 2013

Hiking and mountain biking are very popular here, skiing in New Mexico, all of the regular things you can find in the US. There are some great restaurants in El Paso and Juarez, plus movies, etc. - Jun 2013

The whole desert Southwest is open to you. White Sands, the mountains and ski resorts in southern NM, Albuquerque, Santa Fe. San Diego is a 10-hour drive or quick flight. LA is a bit farther. Unfortunately, personal road travel within Chihuahua is restricted for security reasons. But hop a flight to Mexico City or Guadalajara. Explore other states in Mexico. - Sep 2012

I haven't done much in Mexico, but there are those who do and enjoy it. I tend to just drive the couple miles to El Paso. Also, you are not able to go out of Juarez further into Mexico. - Feb 2012

Most of the attractions within driving distance in Mexico are off-limits per the RSO.Las Cruces, Tucson, Albuquerque, Riudoso, and Santa Fe are within a reasonable drive. There’s good hiking over in the Franklin Mountains near El Paso. You can go skiing several places in New Mexico. There are a few museums in El Paso. You can get decent flights to most places in the US from El Paso and many places in Mexico from CDJ. - Jul 2011

El Paso can be boring, but there are many great weekend road trips throughout New Mexico. - Jun 2011

Chihuahua State has a lot to see and do. Unfortunately, it is very hard to do it. Paquime is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Copper Canyon train ride is a great multi-day trip, and Cd. Chihuahua has some nice museums. In the U.S., you are only a few hours away from 4 ski areas, Big Bend National Park is a day's drive away, there are spring fed pools, mountain hiking, rockclimbing, etc. all within a few hours drive. - Mar 2009

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