Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

What accommodations do schools make for special-needs kids?

El Paso does everything an American school does. Otherwise, no idea. - Mar 2022

Unsure. The Community Liaison Office (CLO) has excellent information about the schooling options. - Jun 2019

See above. - Feb 2019

Schools in El Paso are able to provide accommodations. I'm not sure about Juarez. - Jan 2019

I only know of one school that has special-needs kids: Colegio Kari Montessori. Depending on the disability/disorder, El Paso might be a better option. - Jun 2016

Unsure. - Apr 2016

I can't speak to this but I would guess probably most of the schools in Juarez are less accommodating than El Paso schools would be. That's just a guess, though. I can say that there are some students with disabilities at Kari Montessori and they seem to be very much integrated into the family atmosphere there - but I don't believe the school has resources to provide special services. - Dec 2015

Unclear - likely accommodations would be met in El Paso. - Aug 2015

There are several private schools in El Paso that are dedicated to children with learning disabilities. Check out Bridges Academy. - Sep 2012

Yes, there are schools in El Paso, public and private. - Feb 2012

Don't know, El Paso would have US-style programs. - Jun 2011

The special-needs children who come to post attend schools in El Paso. - Mar 2009

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