Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

In my opinion, housing is terrible. Some (~20%) have really nice and large houses. Most seem to have cramped two story townhouse style homes with awkward layouts. Windows are not sealed, so there is always dust in the house. When the wind blows, you can actually see dust storms on the streets. - Feb 2023

Nothing out of the ordinary. - Mar 2022

No. It is dusty here, so the dirt can seep in through the cracks around the doors and windows, but I’d rather have that than any insect problems. Desert insects include scorpions and spiders, but I haven’t seen any and have not heard of it being a problem in the housing areas. - Jun 2019

No. - Feb 2019

No. - Jan 2019

No major insect problems. Just the expected cockroaches. There are black widow spiders and scorpions, mosquitoes, and crickets. We had a bird-mite infestation from birds who nested in our window sills, but none of our neighbors or friends had that issue, so I think we were just unfortunate. - Jun 2016

cockroaches. Little scorpions (not poisonous). And some have seen black widows (very poisonous). - Apr 2016

Nothing notable. - Apr 2016

I have heard of people here having trouble with insects and with spiders/scorpions but so far we have not had any trouble at all. We are fortunate to have little lizards living in our patio and I think they help keep that area clear of pests. Also, keeping patio areas swept out can really cut down on black widows, which do tend to take up residence in neglected corners in this part of the world. Mosquitoes were a nuisance over the summer but no more so than they were in the U.S. - Dec 2015

minor - Aug 2015

You are living in the desert, so typical desert insects should be expected. In our house we would sometimes have cockroaches and scorpions. The housing is sprayed for both before you enter but despite this, there would still be some visitors (alive, but most often dead)-- Nothing Raid can't handle. - Jun 2015

None. - Jun 2014

Usual bugs to any western U.S. home - Aug 2013

Some scorpions and spiders...nothing too difficult. - Aug 2013

If you get regular pest control, things are fine. We have found a scorpion or two here and there. - Jun 2013

Not many. The occasional scorpion. Very few mosquitoes because there is so little open water. - Sep 2012

There are insects here that would like to live in your house, but thankfully, you can actually get people to spray your house & yard. They do a really great job, and all the bugs disappear. - Feb 2012

None that I’ve noticed. - Jul 2011

A few houses have scorpions, GSO tries its best to prevent them, but sometimes nature wins - Jun 2011

There are lots of gnats and houseflies. Some people have had problems with scorpions, if they lived near vacant lots or in the most recently developed areas. - Mar 2009

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