Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Very hot and dry during the summers, freezing cold during the winters. Sometimes snows during the winters. - Feb 2023

Hot, though winter does get hot. - Mar 2022

It is hot from May to September, 90-100 degrees. The winter gets down to 30s and 40s, and it even snowed last year. There is a spring and fall. It is very dry, with little precipitation, almost always sunny and no humidity. There’s a 20-30 degree temperature swing every day, which makes for pleasant weather in the mornings and evenings most of the year. - Jun 2019

Hot and dry in summer, cold and dry in winter. - Feb 2019

Hot and lengthy summer, with short but cold winter. Air is very dry. - Jan 2019

The spring season is windy. Summers are hot (highs of 90-100). Winters are mild (highs of 40-60F). It is very, very dry, and the altitude is higher than we were used to, so various family members had to deal with nose bleeds, cracked and bleeding hands, dry nose, and dry mouth. - Jun 2016

Oh it's a desert. Most of the time sunny and hot, but can get cold and windy quickly during winter. Rare snowfalls. When it does rain, it often gushes and floods the streets. - Apr 2016

Desert conditions. Hot and dry, surprisingly cold in the winter. Tons of SUN (El Paso is named "Sun City"). Some dust but nothing that affected my life. - Apr 2016

Hot summer (and this past one was particularly hot and long-lasting). Pleasant fall. Winter is on its way and from what I recall growing up in this region it does get surprisingly cold, especially once the sun sets, but almost always warms up fairly nicely during the days. There are certainly cold days in the winter but the sun is very warming. The colder temperatures do tend to make it feel cold in the houses, which are tiled and built of concrete. Lots and lots of sunshine and big blue skies, year-round. - Dec 2015

cold in winter, hot in summer. - Aug 2015

May, June, July, August and some of September are ungodly hot. It's a dry heat, but doesn't matter, still unbearable when in the triple digits. My glasses would sometimes feel like they were going to melt off my face. I enjoy the outdoors and physical activities outdoors--so during this time period, the key was to get out before the sun came up. And invest in 50 proof sunblock. Autumn, Winter, Spring are lovely. I hardly wore any sweaters but it is the desert, so temperatures would drop. September tended to bring heavy rains that would often flood the streets. - Jun 2015

Sunny every day. Cool in winter, it freezes a few days per year. Really hot in the summer. - Jun 2014

Beautiful and sunny. Usually warm to hot, although we did experience snow once during the winter. - Aug 2013

Hot, dry summers. Mild winters. Very pleasant spring and fall. There is no drainage in the city, so the rare instances of rain usually result in flooding. - Aug 2013

Very hot summers - but it's a "dry heat", and there is plenty of air conditioning. Winters are easy and mild. Its a mountain-desert climate. - Jun 2013

Hot and dry. This is a desert. Winter nights get cold. All housing has central heat. - Sep 2012

It's a desert, but with some altitude. Great winters! Look at the monthly averages at - Feb 2012

Dry and warm to hot. The summers are brutally hot and the winters are colder than you’d expect for Mexico due to the altitude and desert. Spring and fall are nice. - Jul 2011

Hot, dry - Jun 2011

Winters are cold with occasional light rain or snow. February and March bring the heavy winds and dust storms. June can be well over 100 F (38 C). July and August are the rainy season, and it floods. A lot. - Mar 2009

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