Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Dust and allergies. Medical care is available, especially in El Paso. Lately with COVID, many doctors have patients wait a long time. - Mar 2022

It is dry and dusty at 3500 ft elevation. Lots of available medical care in Juarez and El Paso. It is much cheaper in Mexico, but mostly Spanish-speaking. The Consulate has a nurse that can help navigate Mexican medical care. It comes down to personal preference. - Jun 2019

Medical care in El Paso is adequate, although there can be long waits for appointments. Care in CDJ is largely Spanish-language. The MED unit has a nurse only, who is unable to prescribe. - Feb 2019

Most people develop allergies here. It is easy to get high quality health care on both sides of the border. - Jan 2019

I don't think there are any specific health concerns. There are two fantastic private hospitals within fifteen minutes of the consulate. I had my baby here. I have my dental work done here. I had a root canal here. I go to El Paso for my kids' well-check ups and vaccines, but I see a pediatrician here in Juarez when they are sick. We haven't had a medical unit during most of the time I have been here, so that's a little frustrating. - Jun 2016

good dentists and the private hospital is nice. - Apr 2016

No. - Apr 2016

I don't believe there are health concerns specific to Juarez. It's safe to drink the water here and we've never had food-related health trouble. In our experience so far, medical and dental care is excellent and inexpensive. And of course there's El Paso if language is a concern. Many doctors and dentists here speak English, though, as people come over from El Paso sometimes - especially for dental care. - Dec 2015

good options for medical care. only allergies during hot season. - Aug 2015

No. There's a decent hospital on the corner. I go to ELP for most stuff. - Jun 2014

No, good healthcare options in Juarez and a 15 minute drive (with no traffic or line to cross at the POE) to El Paso. - Aug 2013

There is a good hospital right next to the consulate, and several hospitals in El Paso - Jun 2013

None really. Water is passably potable. Doctors and dentists are excellent. One of the best hospitals in Juarez is a block from the Consulate. - Sep 2012

Well, there’s the possibility of getting whacked in a cartel hit. Other than that, no special medical concerns. Medical care is good on both sides of the border. - Jul 2011

Allergies can be a problem with the dust and pollen. - Jun 2011

There are some excellent local doctors and dentists. Many people do cross for medical care, however. - Mar 2009

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