Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Most dress business casual, although some wear suits everyday. - Feb 2023

Business casual is mostly what I see. - Mar 2022

Work is business or business casual, depending on the section/industry. Mexicans dress well in professional settings. Formal dress is required for functions, and often Mexican women will get hair or makeup professionally done for parties. There’s lots of variety. - Jun 2019

Dressy casual for the office, people wear everything in public. Shorts are uncommon in Mexico. - Feb 2019

No formal dress required. At work, shirt and tie for the guys and the equivalent for the ladies. - Jan 2019

Business attire at work. Whatever you want in public. Mexicans, in my opinion, dress more formally than Americans, but the other moms don't bat an eye when I wear yoga pants to my kids' soccer practice, and they're in three-inch heels and a dress. - Jun 2016

tie, no jacket. - Apr 2016

Business casual ay work. Anything goes in public. Bring cowboy boots if you've got them. - Apr 2016

Similar to U.S., I'd say. - Dec 2015

same as U.S., leaning toward conservative in public. - Aug 2015

Professional at work. - Jun 2014

Same as Western U.S. - Aug 2013

Shirt and tie for work; public is casual. - Jun 2013

Business at work. Anything goes in public. - Sep 2012

Mexicans tend to dress up a bit more in public, but otherwise it is not too different from the US. - Jul 2011

Ties at work, in public whatever you want. - Jun 2011

Mexicans as a rule tend to dress up more than Americans. Men will almost never wear shorts, unless playing sports or going to the beach. - Mar 2009

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