Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

People tend to find their own groups. - Feb 2023

There are lots of events sponsored by the CLO, and I know that school activities link families together. Lots of first and second tour officers here, and therefore there are always happy hours, game nights, dinner groups, etc. You can go to restaurants, cafes, the movies, road trips, etc. There are as many (and as few) opportunities to socialize as one would like. - Jun 2019

CLO activities, events in El Paso. - Feb 2019

There are many ways to socialize and get out just like in any US city. There is a regular calendar of events through the Community Liaison Office (CLO) with strong participation. - Jan 2019

The consulate has lots of activities. People get together a lot as well for trivia nights and board-game nights. There are lots of delicious restaurants to choose from. Many concerts. The VIP movie theater is a treat. - Jun 2016

House parties, restaurants. - Apr 2016

Dinners with other FS families, Juarez nightlife (be aware but go out!), great relationships with the LES community/lots of socializing, running groups, cycling groups. Festivals in El Paso/Southwest. - Apr 2016

Many people get together with other Consulate folks at their homes for parties, book clubs, trivia nights, sports viewing, etc. There are many good restaurants in Juarez, at least one featuring a Mexican music/dance/culture show along with traditional foods. There seems to be a fair amount of theater/dance/music to view both in Juarez and in El Paso, although we have yet to explore that much. Sporting events are fun - Juarez has a new and so far very successful soccer team, and UTEP/NMSU sports are not exactly top-notch but fun to attend. El Paso has a minor league baseball team that plays in a cool stadium in downtown El Paso. Also, CLO organizes regular outings and dinners out and breakfasts for EFMs. - Dec 2015

movies, bowling, mall, restaurants, outdoor park, swimming pools. People also gather at each others homes - especially those with young children. - Aug 2015

Eating out and at friends' houses. Coook-outs. I think singles and young couples drink a good bit. Iron Chef competition. The CLO organizes a few things. - Jun 2014

Same as anywhere in the U.S. - Aug 2013

Vibrant. - Jun 2013

It's pretty good, especially among the entry-level officers (and there are more than 40). No one is bar-hopping at 2am, but there is enough to do. - Sep 2012

Lots of casual entertaining in homes. Very little in the way of official representation, unless you're very senior. - Jul 2011

Lots of house parties and nights out in El Paso. - Jun 2011

Despite some fine restaurants and night clubs in town, most people are making home the center of their social life. - Mar 2009

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